Social Enterprise



It is acknowledged that many disadvantaged young men in Limerick City have difficulty getting jobs. The double disadvantage of having a criminal record and being long term unemployed is a huge barrier to gaining employment. PALLS are working to address this issue.


Cairdre Enterprises:

Cairde Enterprises is the trading name of the PALLS Social Enterprise Hub. PALLS is currently building viable business options that will:

  • Generate sustainable revenue
  • Create employment
  • Produce quality product meeting identified gaps in the market
  • Build market share and client base
  • Develop import replacement and export potential product lines

The social dividend resulting from this venture will have significant benefit to the people of Limerick and men in Limerick City who have been involved with the criminal justice system in terms of:

  • Reduced unemployment in the Limerick region with particular emphasis on male ex-offenders
  • Improved social capital and employability of male ex-offenders through the provision of real work experience
  • Maximised potential of the PALLS Training Centre for the social and economic benefit of the men who engage with PALLS and the community at large

Where we are at:

8 men have completed employability training in PALLS and are currently manufacturing products

  • Cairde Enterprises registered with the CRO
  • Cairde Enterprises domain acquired
  • Cairde Enterprises web page under construction
  • Brand recognition and sales are steadily increasing
  • Site for horticulture products secured and being developed

Action Plan:

  • Hire a Social Enterprise Development Worker
  • Expand links with key local and national partners
  • Work with local training companies to address emerging staff skill gaps
  • Develop new product lines
  • Secure advanced machines to automate production line

Current Product Range:

The current prodcut range is based on the existing skill and workshop resouces within the organisation with current sales to individuals and organisations. It is envisaged that this range will be expanded and become more high skilled and varied to meet gaps in the market locally, nationally and internationally. New product lines currently under consideration include micro salads for the local hotel industry, Limerick Lace products and bespoke handmade quilts and bicycle maintenance.

Bespoke Garden Furniture Made to Order

Customised Corporate Gifts

Furniture Upcycling


  • Large Tree Planters, Pre treated

    Small Tree Planter, Pre treated

    Raised Flower/Herb Planter Box

    Large Dog Kennel

    Small Dog Kennel

    Bird Box

    Garden Table & 2 Benches